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Join us in the fight to protect our oceans and preserve the planet for future generations.

Donate Today to Safeguard Coral Reefs in the Phillipines 

Stream Foundation is joining forces with rrreefs, a Swiss start-up specializing in the construction and installation of artificial coral reef structures.

rrreefs’s new project in Pujada Bay, the Philippines, will regenerate a degraded coral reef located next to a restored mangrove forest. The project will be assessing whether restoring coral reefs and mangroves simultaneously enhances resilience against storms and climate change, fostering biodiversity that benefits carbon storage and mutual support in temperature control and sediment reduction. Consistent and effective monitoring will play a crucial role in the project’s success.

Our goal is to raise CHF 7,000 to install an underwater camera and use AI to monitor a coral restoration site in the south of the Philippines, a biodiversity hotspot crucial to marine life and local livelihoods. Will you donate by and be part of this important initiative?

Please support this important project with a donation. Together, we can conserve and restore marine life. 

[Disclaimer] In the event that contributions surpass our initial fundraising goal, please note that Stream Foundation reserves the right to allocate any surplus funds towards supporting other impactful projects in our ongoing mission to safeguard and restore marine environments.

Damaged corals reefs will be rehabilitated using rrreefs' innovative modular system of 3D-printed clay bricks. Image © rrreefs

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