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Educational Workshops

Join us in the fight to protect our oceans and preserve the planet for future generations.

Stream Foundation's Educational Workshops aim to bring the wonders of the marine world directly to schools and businesses, fostering a deeper connection with the ocean. The workshops are tailored for various audiences, offering immersive experiences and hands-on activities. Participants can engage in topics such as coral reef restoration, marine biodiversity, and the role of AI in conservation.

  • Scope: Tailored for schools and businesses, offering immersive experiences and hands-on activities.
  • Formats:
    • For smaller groups (20-40 participants): Presentation followed by breakout tables.
    • For larger groups: Presentation with Q&A session.
  • Themes: Explore topics such as coral reef restoration, marine biodiversity, and AI in conservation.
  • Fees: Customised based on workshop themes and group size.

To find out more about our workshops if you like to schedule one, please contact us at

Alternatively download our informational PDF flyer here.

“I wish all the coral and species were safe and balanced and that we could help them in some way. But if there is too much or not enough of something, it's bad for the ocean and for our community.” Daphné (10), workshop participant at Inter-Community School Zurich  
“Very engaging and relevant workshop, interesting hands-on activities, relevant real world, easy to understand ideas.” Conrad Kaminer, Grade 7 teacher at Inter-Community School Zurich
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